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Poole-quayHello, I’m Charlotte and this is James, my wonderful husband! We are the faces of Starbright Media. I married James in August of 2010 and had a lovely white wedding, but we paid over the odds for our Videographer and were not impressed with our short video we received. It always annoyed me that we spent a lot of money and didn’t have much of our day captured. I founded Starbright Media in 2012 after I filmed my cousins wedding for her as a present. I was eager for her to have her day captured so it could be watched back in years to come with wonderful memories from her special day with all the little details captured.  I had no previous experience of filming or editing but after capturing my cousins wedding day on film, I quickly realised that I had a real passion and talent for filming and editing videos. Naturally it sparked an interest in my hobby with James and he is now the main Videographer after discovering his love for filming! Since discovering our passion for videography, we now want to be able to give every bride the option to have their own special memory of their big day at a very affordable price. We absolutely love our hobby and spend hours editing videos together. We put a lot of emotion into them and make them feel personal. We capture a different feel in every video, which centres around your own individual styles and taste. If you are looking for a wedding videography company who are friendly, passionate about creating the best memory they possibly can for you, accommodating and professional, then Starbright Media will suit you perfectly! We look forward to hearing from you! Charlotte & James x


Thank you James and Charlotte for all the hard work you put into recapturing

our wedding day.

We absolutely love the DVD, the music and all the special features too.

This DVD is a real treasure to us.

Simon and Georgina x

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We understand the hard work and effort

that you put into your big day.

Let us work hard for you

to capture those memories for a lifetime.


Since discovering our passion for videography we decided that we wanted to give our customers a service that is firstly affordable but furthermore packed full of hours of our hard work, passion, and love for creating moving memories.

Please choose from one of our three packages as shown.  Each package will follow the pace of the day and will include every element of your day where possible.

You will receive up to 2-4 hours of footage of the whole day as it unfolds (dependant on the package), edited together with your choice of accompanying music and some of our own.

If you would like to check availability or just find out any more information, feel free to get in touch using the contact page. Whether you choose Starbright Media to capture your special memories or not, we wish you the very best for your special day!

For more detail on what we provide & how we do it please visit our FAQs

(Available for Weddings in Essex, Hertfordshire & London)

Package Contents


We Love the DVD.




amazing, emotional, and hilarious!!!

Georgie & Tom xx


Our | Portfolio


The dvd arrived today. We have just started watching it and just wanted to say how absolutely amazing we think you guys are

You made our day

so special

We will recommend you to everyone!!

Lucy and James x

Frequently Asked | Questions


What travel distance do you cover and do you charge extra for travel costs?

We cover weddings which take up to a total of 1hr travelling time (by car) from our home address in Roydon. We only add travel costs if there is a lot of driving required between bridal preparation location, the ceremony venue or church and evening venue. Please enquire with us for further details.

We do consider weddings further away but please bear in mind the day is already usually between 10-15hrs long without travelling time added on, so if you are a long way away then we are unlikely to be able to travel to you. We do also consider location weddings (abroad) where all travel/accommodation costs are covered.

In the Starbright & Aurora Packages, do you film the Bride and groom?

Yes, if time and travel distance allow. Usually, it is just the bride that is filmed and the groom is filmed at the venue prior to the ceremony starting. If the groom is getting ready at a location not far from the bride or at the ceremony venue then it is possible to film the groom preparations also.

What time will you get to us and what time do you film up to?

For a Horizon package, we will arrive at your church/venue 45 minutes before your ceremony and film up to the end of your first dance (time capped at 8.30pm, there will be an additional charge if time runs over).

For a Starbright Package filming of bridal preparations will start approx 3 hours prior to the wedding ceremony. This may differ depending on the time of your ceremony and distance from ceremony venue. This will be discussed on booking.  We film up to the end of your first dance (time capped at 8.30pm, there will be an additional charge if time runs over).

The Aurora Package filming will finish at midnight. Filming after midnight is at an additional cost of £30 per hour. The Aurora package will also include Guest messages & a 6-10 minute highlight video

How long will our film be?

The length will vary depending greatly on your style of wedding, length of the ceremony, number of speeches and of course what package you opt for.  On average Horizon films are around two hours long, whilst the Starbright & Aurora packages are usually around 3 hours spread across 2 discs.

What happens with sound and music on the video?

You will have the full audio for the ceremony, speeches and evening reception (if applicable). Other audio from the day is audible but we use music tracks over the top to add emotion and atmosphere. The groom will be given a small lapel mic to wear during the ceremony and table microphones will be used during speeches and guest messages.

I will need you to post me a CD of about 15 songs you would like on your wedding video prior to your big day. It is better to wait until about 3 months before the wedding to do this as if you do it too soon, you may have changed your mind about the songs you would like nearer the time. Your choice of music will very much dictate the feel of the video. Some brides have chosen classical music/film scores which give a very traditional, classical feel; whilst other brides have chosen pop, R&B, 80’s etc which can really jazz a video up.

You will find your choice of music will add lots of emotion to the video. If you don’t feel emotional watching the film back afterward then I have not done my job properly! If you cannot decide which songs you would like then I have a large bank of my own music tracks appropriate for wedding videos and can choose suitable songs for your video in keeping with your style.

What if there are any restrictions on filming in our church/venue?

James uses 2-3 cameras to cover different angles during the ceremony, speeches and first dance. It is worth checking with your ceremony venue if they are happy to have a videographer present (believe it or not some churches do not allow filming and will only tell you this information if you have asked about it!). They can also get a bit fussy with positioning, especially if the room is small (this especially applies to registrars and small ceremony rooms). It may mean James will be restricted to the angles he can film during the wedding service. Please check with your ceremony venue prior to filming.

For legal reasons James is not allowed to film the signing of the register, so if you are able to ‘pose’ for some shots afterward then we will use that footage and no one will know the difference. If you are getting married in a church, please discuss filming with your church office. They may require you to pay a fee to allow filming and may restrict filming to the use of one camera in a fixed position.

Please be aware that as we are only a small team, in the event of injury or illness affecting us both, we will be unable to provide backup cover to film your special day. We have never found ourselves in this position to date. In the event James is unwell, I will complete all the filming which will have no effect on the quality of your completed wedding video.

How long will it take to receive my film?

James and I run Starbright Media as our ‘hobby’ business in addition to working full time, so, we are very friendly, informal and approachable. We spend our free time editing videos and so it takes us a minimum of 3 months but could be up to 6 months to complete a wedding film (dependent on your package, style of wedding and the time of year). Whilst we appreciate this is a long time to wait for your video, please be assured there is a lot of love and attention to detail being put into making it! It can take me on average 60-100hrs to process all the footage and complete your package, so you will not be disappointed with your video.

DVD, Blu-ray, 4K, etc. The technical bits

We record everything in High Definition 1920×1080. We will provide your film on either DVD or Blu-ray.  The choice is yours. DVD is rendered at standard definition. Blu-ray renders at High Definition.  If you don’t have a Blu-ray player, don’t worry as most modern TVs upscale DVD footage to make it appear High Definition.

If you wish to have both DVD & Blu-ray versions we would have to charge you £35 to cover our time spent rendering and designing both formats.

We do not currently offer 4k. Most companies are also not yet offering 4k simply because the consumer cameras available are not yet consistent enough to sustain long periods of 4K recording without overheating. Also,  the rendering power required to edit the footage on PC/MAC would require a very powerful computer.

How many copies will I receive

You will receive 3 copies in total. Further copies are purchasable for £10 each (inclusive of delivery costs).

Once your film is finished I will post you x1 boxed copy to watch. If you are happy with the final version then I will post out x2 extra copies

Do we have to supply you with food on the day?

James will need a break to eat & recharge. This usually happens while you sit down for your wedding breakfast. Our filming day is usually a minimum of an 8 hour day up to 14hours for the Aurora package without travelling so, fuelling up is a must or James is likely to keel over at some point during the evening reception. We will need to know if you plan on having your speeches before, during or after your meal so James can plan his break. It is not a requirement for you to supply food as we understand you are already on a budget. However, If you do have any bar food or buffet food going spare then James would be eternally grateful!

What will the quality of video be like in low light conditions?

For the evening function, the brighter the lighting the better quality video footage you will get! We have filmed weddings in very dark conditions and the footage is ok, but by far the best quality footage has been with weddings where the DJ has used brighter lighting and the venue have side lights/low lights. Also, just a tip to bear in mind with your DJ, if he uses the tiny laser beam spotlights then these will make you and your guests look like you have chicken pox in your photos and video. James and I made that mistake when we got married and didn’t realise until afterward looking back at how awful some of the photos looked with tiny ‘spots’ all over our face! The wider spotlights are good and in fact, some of the brighter lights create a very romantic dreamy effect on camera. If the venue is very dark then James does have a camera light he can use to enhance footage for your first dance and evening footage. Please bear this in mind if you are having a winter wedding and your speeches fall at a time when it is already dark outside. Candlelight is romantic but not great for filming.

What are the Guest Messages like in the Aurora Package?
These are always nice to have and often great fun to watch back! They can be very difficult to get if you have very camera shy family and friends. If you feel your guests may shy away from wanting to leave a message on camera because they are shy, it is worth asking everyone to leave a message in groups. We also find if guests have had a few drinks then they tend to leave far more emotional/funny messages! We always aim to get messages from close family and friends at least, but if the majority of guests are happy to leave a message then we can cover them all. 
Do you require a deposit?

We do not require a deposit. I take receipt of your booking form as confirmation of your booking with us.  You may, however, pay a deposit if you wish.

How will you be dressed for the day?

James will be dressed smartly in trousers and shirt on the day of your wedding and will aim to blend in as though one of the guests.

Can we meet you both and view some of your full-length wedding videos?

If you would like to meet us before your big day then you are very welcome to visit us at our home (CM19) in Roydon, where we can show you some examples of full-length wedding videos and cover any additional questions you may have. Please contact me to arrange this. It is always nice meeting each other before the big day. It is amazing how a friendly face on the day calms your nerves in front of the camera!

How do you work with Photographers on the day?

We appreciate that Photographers, in general, get a little wary of videographers as they feel we may pinch their prime photo shot positions. This is not the case with us, we work with photographers and will always let them take center place. The photographer will always take priority.

Will my film have a title screen and menu options?

Yes. Your film will have30-second rolling intro video with a title screen & menu options.

Why should we choose you over any other videography company?

Quite simply, this is our passion. We both love filming and I especially love editing. It is a hobby for us which we indulge in during our free time. We both work full-time shift work and Starbright Media is our family business which we pour a lot of love and attention into. We set this business up in response to our own wedding video package, which we were not overly impressed with and paid a lot of money for. We want to cover all aspects of your big day and give you the little extras that all the other companies don’t. We don’t use big flashy cameras because we don’t need to. The cameras we use provide beautiful high definition footage which is perfect for a video. Our research also tells us that most companies now only produce a 20-minute film with the ceremony & speeches separately included. Our editing style gives you anywhere between 2-4 hours of continuous memories chronologically edited to your favourite music. It will be emotional. You will need tissues!!! 🙂 So keep your costs down, relax and let us take care of your special day and provide you with a memory you will treasure for a lifetime!

Christening Testimonial

James and I have just watched the DVD and are thoroughly impressed with, and appreciative of the work you have done

It was beautifully and expertly taken and presented

Our only regretis that we didn’t use you for our wedding, or previous Christenings.

I would suggest you change your cost. Your personal care and attentionalong with the finished product, I would certainly pay more for.

Sharon, James & Toby

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